Opportunity Center has been in the community for over twenty years and has been proudly working side by side with members  of the community to create a safe and accepting environment where they can come to voluntarily work and socialize, regaining independence and skills  to build confidence & empowerment.  The Clubhouse promotes members to work, learn and contribute their talents to our community.

After spending time at Clubhouse building recovery and routine, we encourage members to explore the world of employment.

Opportunity Center is continually looking for Employment partners in our community to provide Transitional Employment Placements.  Transitional Employment Placements are partnerships between an Employer and Opportunity Center.  The Employer provides a paid position within their company to Opportunity Center.  In return, Opportunity Center rotates skilled members to work the position. Opportunity Center staff handles the training, on-the-job support and guaranteed staffing at no cost to the employer.  

To give someone a job is a profound way to give back and create a rippling effect not only for that person, but for the community.

 If you or someone you know are interested in these exciting opportunities, please call 989-895-9080 or stop by at 1301 N. Madison in Bay City. 

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board was newly reformed in September 2018. Currently there are 12 members with varying backgrounds that are well connected within our community. The Advisory Board is comprised of 3 committees; fundraising, advocacy and employment. If you are interested in more information or to join the Advisory Board please contact the Clubhouse Director at 989-895-9080. 

If you have ideas to help us promote our mission please contact the Clubhouse.